Golden Beach / Thassos Summer Resort

About Thassos

The Island of Thassos is a real treasure for the country of Greece. Unlike the rest of the Greek islands, the Island of Thassos has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches and water. It truly retains all the Greek culture and tradition that has generally been lost on most of the Greek Islands, as they have become tourist centers that now cater to the many tourists of multi nationalities. Thassos also has a rich history and archeological sites scattered through out the island. You can combine amusement with archaeological interests. Kavala was a colony of the Thassians. On the island one can still see monuments remaining since its glorious days from the past, such as the walls of the fortress of the ancient city, the temple of Pythian Apollo and the sanctuary of Dionysos with its choragic monument. An important reason for choosing Thassos for your holidays is the fact that it is the only island that lies close enough to mainland Greece to allow you to take excursions to many other archeological sites and beautiful cities that are spread throughout Northern Greece (Macedonia).

The famous Golden beach in Thassos is one of the most beautiful and the biggest shore in the east of the island!